• 5 January 2023



Autumn is the season for colds. In order to stay healthy in spite of the dirty weather, you can already do something for your immune system as a precaution. Vital substances from Mother Nature can help.

We are all familiar with this. In summer, we are full of energy, fit and bursting with zest for action. We are also much less ill. But when the autumn and winter days arrive and it gets cold and dark again, it's as if someone flips a switch. Suddenly we are tired, listless and far more susceptible to colds. Our throat is scratchy, our nose is stuffed up and we would prefer not to leave the house or the sofa. Where have the fitness and liveliness of summer gone?

Especially in the cold autumn and winter months, the body needs vitamin-rich support from nature to give it a helping hand and strengthen its immune system. The optimal diet is needed! But just when it should be richer in vitamins and minerals, we like to help ourselves to hearty and sweet foods. Our eating habits automatically adapt to the seasons. Especially on cold days, a rather high-calorie and unhealthy diet is one of our favourites. It is easy to reach for greasy and sweet foods - also as mood lifters on the dark autumn and winter days. But this is short-term thinking. Because the necessary power and energy are lacking as a result.

"However, if you want to get through the cold season healthy and fit, you can do a lot about it and should do something good for your defences right now. Fortunately, nature helps to prevent colds and make the body strong and fit for the winter," says Natura Vitalis founder Frank Felte (www.naturavitalis.de). The company from Essen has long been considered one of the leading manufacturers of natural food supplements and places the highest value on continuous further and new developments of health products on a scientific basis.

According to Frank Felte, many problems can be alleviated with natural vital substances and traditional home remedies, for example sore throats. Particularly in the cold season, cold viruses cause trouble for our immune system and are the trigger for sore throats. They attack the mucous membranes in the throat and trigger painful inflammation. Both warming and cooling compresses are effective home remedies for sore throats. Cool throat compresses are effective for inflammation, while warm throat compresses stimulate blood circulation and have a relaxing effect. Warm compresses can be infused with tea made from sage, chamomile or thyme and placed around the neck. Cold compresses are usually made with cool curd. It is also advisable to drink plenty of fluids to flush away the germs in the throat. Drinking at least two litres of water or tea a day will moisten the affected mucous membranes.

According to Frank Felte, Arthrospira also provides special support. "The natural substance quickly and comprehensively provides the body with everything it needs to supply every cell of the body with sufficient oxygen and nutrients, to strengthen its defences and to rid itself of excess acids, toxins and other harmful substances. Regular intake has the effect of reactivating the body's self-healing powers. The potassium salts contained in Arthrospira prevent viruses from entering the cell," says Frank Felte. He refers to the Natura Vitalis product Arthrospira Complex. "Arthrospira is so exciting that even UNESCO has been promoting a research programme on the most diverse possible uses of this highly effective and unique natural substance for several years. Strengthening the immune system is the be-all and end-all in fighting viruses. A normal function of our immune system can ward off a large part of unpleasant pathogens or prevent the danger of an associated illness.

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